Wool produced within a 30 mile radius was used to insulate a store front window at Enköping's Library.
[Wool, window]
Investigating human/animal relationships, and the history of fiber production, by learning herding technique with my Miniature American Shepherd Leonard.
Current Research: Sheep Herding (2018 - )
Kids use animal masks with Zoomorph app to find imagery hidden from humans.
Exloring the history and practice of fiber production, by learning sheep shearing the New Zealand way.
Current Research: Sheep Shearing (2018 - )
A tactile visualization of a genealogical network connecting me with a woman currently on death row.
[Data Visualization Software, Crowdsourced Data from geni.com, Fabric]
[Events, Natural Dye Plants, Wool, Knitted/Woven/Crocheted Objects]
[Performance, Wool, Sculpted Spindle]
[Dolls, Data Visualization, Installation]
Software simulating how animals see. Made possible by a grant from Creative Capital.
[Software, iOS App]
Installation with an early version of the Zoomorph iPhone/Pad App
The project consists of photographs taken automatically every minute for five hours during a (haunted?) night, accompanied by images generated by software comparing the difference between two sequential photographs. It is an honest attempt to capture a ghost. The night in question, 5 days following my mothers passing, a TV set turned on by itself and a doll, given to me as a child by my mother, was moving across the floor, as witnessed by a mesmerized cat.
[Time-laps Photographs, Image Filtering Software]
www.interspeciescollaboration.net is a web site for posting resources relating to interspecies collaboration and project documentation of art project made together with non-human animals. (Initially created for the UCSB art class "Interspecies Collaboration", now open to anyone who wants to participate).
[Web Site, Art Class]
Commissioned by Svenska Statens Konstråd (the Swedish National Public Art Council). The project makes more sense for swedish speaking people but there are descriptions in english.
[Web/Network Usage Visualization]
An update of the interface Migration from the project 1:1.
[Internet Visualization]
The Infome Imager software allows the user to create crawlers that gather data from the Web, and it provides methods for visualizing the collected data.
[Web Visualization Software]
A network visualization software, which measures and maps the probability of communication between computers on the network that the software resides on, and between computers on the network and the Internet.
[Visualization Software, Carnivore (Packet Sniffing) Client]
1:1 was a project created in 1999 that consisted of a database that would eventually contain the address of every Web site in the world and interfaces through which to view and use the database. 1:1(2) is a continuation of the project including a second database of addresses generated in 2001 and 2002 and interfaces that show and compare the data from both databases.
[Web Visualizations]
A parasitic art system commissioned by Steve Dietz/Gallery 9 hosted by The Walker Art Center website
[Collaborative Information Filtering Software]
A parasitic art system that acknowledge the web as a shared and intelligent space. The visitor answers a question related to the site and is assigned a color dependent on their answer, as the visitor navigates the site he/she leaves a trail of that color.
[Collaborative Information Filtering Software]
A virtual reality system software and installation, exploring navigation and information mapping in intelligent environments, exhibited at Gallery 5, San Jose State University.
[VR System, Installation ]
The original animation contained movies of modeled pieces of trash found on the ground intersepted by the new words added to the Oxford Dictionary of the English Language in 1995.
[3D Animation]
PAT was a software agent residing on the SJSU Switch Journal web server in the spring of 1995, monitoring, interpreting (according to the enneagram personality profiles) and responding to, the navigation of the users on the Switch web site. Each user was served different content depending on their behavior/type and their "mental health" was mapped. In collaboration with Ben Eakins and Mark Erikson.
A Performance and installation in Internet news groups (alt.religion.christian, alt.paranet.ufo, alt.alien.visitors and alt.pagan) and the Art Department, San Jose State University.
[E-mails, News Group Postings, Installation]
[Computer Manipulated Photography]
Lisa Jevbratt
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