Jan Ekenberg

What's an "ordinary" occurrence? And, what's an "out of the ordinary" occurrence? Not as in ordinary - same old, same old - dull. And not as in not ordinary - something fantastic just happened. And probably not as in the mathematical occurrence, either. Too boring. Rather: an event that draws attention to itself. TO ITSELF - need not to be pointed out! Something reveals itself. Something lets us know it has meaning.

* "Combinatorial Revelation" - two things, which by themselves offers little or no meaning, combined become very meaningful.

* "Deviation" - something that is very unlikely, happens.

* "Simultaneity" - events that become important in that they happen at the same time; and If they didn't they'd be ordinary.

* "Stuttering" - events that are only supposed to happen once, occurs two, or several times.

This notion of meaning. Meaning as presage. A sign that draws attention to itself, is the focus of many of Lisa Jevbratt's artworks. This focus becomes especially clear in 'Out of the Ordinary'. This project, with its gothic minimalism, is a trap, or revealer, for this type of signs as they happen (or don't) "in the pipe" of a computer network. Because: possession just doesn't look the same in 2002 as in 1627.

Let's say you meet three men approximately three minutes apart on your daily walk. They all carry unusual small suitcases, are dressed too warm for the season, and all have long noses.

Or... an email packet and a http packet go through your network immediately and the both have exactly the same size (3,789Kb).

Or... you are on the beach, and behind you a deer falls off the cliff, runs into ocean, almost drowns and then gets up and runs away.

Know what I mean?

And then there's the Hollywood movie trope from the giant creature films like King Kong (De Laurentiis' version): a group of men leaning over a radar screen. Suddenly a large green blotch appears in the sweep with a simultaneous load and startling beep. "What the hell was that!"

Jan Ekenberg

Out of the Ordinary